Many feel the desire to build their own home and enjoy all the benefits

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Many feel the desire to build their own home and enjoy all the benefits of a project designed exclusively to meet their needs and style.

Building a home is a complex project, involving lots of money, time and expectations, planning is a very important step for the success of the project. It is foolish to think that planning a work is simply predicting the dates and deadlines of each task that will be performed, planning is much more complex than that: it is divided into several stages and involves all aspects of the work. It should be thought for everything to walk with more tranquility, safety, speed and economy.

Planning is not always enough to prevent unforeseen events, but you can anticipate the most common construction problems and prepare ways to get around them.

Here are some points that need to be considered:


choice of terrain;

house plant design;

work permits;

contraction of construction company.

Planning directly interferes with costs.

The choice of the site where the work will be done is very important, after all, the terrain must be compatible with the type of construction being planned. It is necessary to analyze the soil type, the terrain restrictions (native trees, rivers), the footage etc.

Large glazing in a house makes the work much more expensive due to the thermal component, the window frames and the inherent safety.

It is important to make a survey of the financial resources available to invest. Then, to avoid the unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to plan together with the professional responsible for the design of the project all construction costs, together with the professional to evaluate the costs inherent in each choice of materials, amount that will be spent on the contracting that will be necessary , the work schedule and the deadline for each stage of planning. Even possible contingencies in progress and other unexpected expenses need to go into planning as an emergency reserve.

It is of the utmost importance that the professional be in tune with the desires of the developer and to guide him in order to make wise choices.

Always take into account the size of the spans, this is one of the factors that weigh more in the final price of a budget.

In defining the architecture and choosing the materials, the developer should give preference not only to cheaper materials, but to those whose facilities are not expensive.

The more specialized the manpower required to build the higher the costs.

The same house can be a more expensive or cheaper work, depending on the choices made in the project.

After everything is planned, the company chooses to choose a minimum of three budgets, evaluate the values ​​carefully and compare with the price surveys made during the project design, never choose a construction company based on prices. However, make sure that the price is reasonable and is within your budget, the credentials are the basis of the reputation of any company in this area. Make sure you confirm them and that nothing has gone unnoticed, the experience is even more important than the credentials in a construction company. This does not mean letting go of recent companies, as the company may be new, but the workers have plenty of experience.

Taking all these factors into account, the probability of hiring an efficient construction company that satisfactorily completes the entire construction is much greater.