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28-10-2018 01:14


Construction and rehabilitation company that works and accompanies the evolution of the various areas of Civil Construction and Architecture to offer the most complete range of services to our clients.

We use modern and safe methods with proven experience to realize and transform spaces and environments with application of all techniques available in the market, from the most traditional to the latest trends in materials design and technology.

We guarantee the safety of a professional service with affordable prices and a high level of quality, as the satisfaction of our customers is the reason for our continuous growth.

So we also make small to large household services. Our technical team specializing in engineering, construction and architectural projects has professionals from different areas. Our services include construction, remodeling, projects, maintenance, legalization, waterproofing and installation in industrial, housing and commercial works.

Since the beginning of our activity, the quality of service and our products are our banner and the reason our customers trust us.

Therefore, we only work with quality products from reputed manufacturers. We also take pride in the professionalism and efficiency of our employees.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services at affordable prices, thus responding to the needs of our customers.

Specialized teams

We work with your ideas

Detailed Documentation

Fast and reliable



Structural and Finishing, supported by consolidated techniques

Interventions from the simplest to the most complex.

Root Construction:

Traditional in Block to View

Structures in wood, metal and mixed.


House Construction

Price M2

€ 750.00

Interior Refurbishment

Price M2

€ 400.00

Interior Painting

Price M2

€ 9.50

Exterior Painting

Price M2

€ 12.50

Wall Construction

Price ML

€ 85.00

Capoto insulation

Price M2

€ 37.00

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation (Cellulose Fiber)

Price M2

€ 11.00


Price M2

€ 15.50

Roof Tile Ceramic

Price M2

€ 150.00

Roof Tile Sandwich

Price M2

€ 92.00

Epoxy Painting

Price M2

€ 17.00

Waterproofing with Asphalt Fabric

Price M2

€ 17.50

Waterproofing with Bicomponent Membrane

Price M2

€ 40.00

False Ceiling Pladur

Price M2

€ 28.00

Wall of Backboard (Pladur)

Price M2

€ 18.00

Double Wall Pladur

Price M2

€ 35.00

Industrial Flooring

Price M2

€ 30.00

Self leveling

Price M2

€ 18.00

+ VAT at the legal rate in force.