Buildings and Rehabilitation

Construction and building rehabilitation company that works and monitors the evolution of the various areas of Civil Construction and Architecture to offer the most complete range of services to our clients.

We use modern and safe methods with proven experience to build and transform spaces with application of all techniques available in the market, from the most traditional to the latest trends in materials design and technology.

We guarantee the safety of a professional service with affordable prices and a high level of quality, as the satisfaction of our customers is the reason for our continuous growth.

So we also do small to large domestic services. Our technical team specializing in engineering, construction and architectural projects has professionals from different areas. Our services include construction, remodeling, projects, maintenance, legalization, waterproofing and installation in industrial, residential and commercial works.

Since the beginning of our activity, the quality of service and our products are our banner and the reason our customers and partners trust us.

Therefore, we only work with quality products and reputed manufacturers. We also take pride in the professionalism and efficiency of our employees.

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services at affordable prices, thus responding to the needs of our customers.

Our vision is very simple, everything we do focuses on our client, our experts will bring to life their original ideas.
We use modern and safe methods with proven experience.
Count on us to build, remodel and restore buildings with application of all techniques available in the market, from the most traditional to the latest trends in materials design and technology.

Interior Remodeling
Construction of Houses
Construction and Restoration of Roofs
Waterproofing and Insulation
Reinforcement of Structures
Restoration of Old Buildings
Rehabilitation of Facades
Swimming Pool Construction

The technical capacity of our employees allows us to design with quality and according to the financial capacity or investment desired of the Client, going in search of the most effective and economic solutions without losing quality.
The technical support is ensured at all stages of the work and thereafter, going beyond the delivery of the same to the Customer.
House Construction
Price M2
€ 915.00
Interior Remodeling
Price M2
€ 595.00

+ VAT at the legal rate in force.
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DEMOLITION, transportation of the debris to the dump - PEDREIRO: Screed, Masonry: lifting wall (bricks, blocks,.), Opening and covering of roças- ESTUCADOR: Plaster, Stucco, Bus; Straightening of ceilings and walls with fine mass- BRUSH: Application / Coatings Stone, Tile, Tiles, Mosaic, Tile, Inserts,.- plumbing, networks: water, sewage, gas; Unclogging- CARPENTER- ELECTRICIAN- LOCKSMITH- GLASSWARE- RESTORER of decorative and artistic objects.- DECORATOR- FURNITURE AND CEILING ASSEMBLY: plasterboard (Pladur), Wood, PVC ,.- PAINTER / ENVERNIZER: Lacquers, Treatment and Preservation of Elements in Iron (anticorrosive) and Wood: doors and windows, gates, railings, furniture ,.- Finishing- Repair: infiltrations, cracks and fissures- Treatment of the appearance of microorganisms such as: fungi, mold / mildew, lichens and algae; bad smell.- WATERPROOFING of Facades, Balconies, Terraces ,. - application of water repellent and water repellent.- Thermal and acoustic insulation- COVERINGS- Coating- Threading, Varnishing, Polishing- Air conditioning- Renovation of bathtubs- Wallpaper- Decoration- Custom-made kitchen furniture- Attic Use- Modernization spaces- Swimming Pool Recovery- ROOF - Construction, Replacement and Recovery; Caleira, Algeróz, Chimney, Skylight, Terrace, Balcony, Pergula ,.- Frames- Repair of sidewalks- Removing / Applying Screens- ASSEMBLY / INSTALLATION: scaffolding ,. furniture, appliances or any equipment; shutters, doors, locks, windows, outlets, exhaust fans, ovens, heat-accumulators, water heaters, glasses, sanitary ware and accessories, flushing, taps; advertising calls, "anti - pigeon"- Support and Maintenance- DISINFECTION, DISINFESTATION. Elimination of Fleas, Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Wasps; Wood treatment.- CLEANING: purpose of works and changes of house; gardens / backyards, land, roof, chimneys, attics, cellars, collectWe work with seriousness and competence in the Lisbon area with the possibility of traveling to the whole country.ion, garages, awnings and reclamations, limestone and rust removal, washing with high pressure machine; Pruning and cutting of trees-. among others,. . we have a wide range of services.If you need any service that is not mentioned here, do not hesitate to contact us.